Friday, August 23, 2013

Greetings from the Caffeinated & Quilted Librarian!

Greetings, and let me introduce myself!

I am a reference librarian at a small public library in eastern Pennsylvania. Outside of work I have a number of interests, including quilting (hand quilter learning how to machine quilt), reading, baking, and helping my husband with his novels, songs and films.

So, why do I think the world needs another blog?

Partially it's to get me in the habit. I need to do more blogging for work (, in case you are curious; I'm just getting it started again so there isn't much there right now), and I thought blogging from home would help me think more about blogging from work.

Partially it's because I'd like to share what I do with more than just my friends on Facebook. I'd like to tell more people about our work as Mazz Press (my husband's publishing company), and share the projects I'm working on, and communicate with others with similar interests. 

Partially it's because I wanted a challenge. I've read good blogs and bad blogs, bloggers who post 10 times a day and bloggers who haven't posted in months. I'd like to see what kind of blogger and communicator I can be.

Oh, and that caffeinated part? My day doesn't start until I get that first ice cold coffee in the morning. Yes, I'm an iced coffee drinker, even when it's 10 below outside. I make my own strong-brewed coffee at home, keep it in the fridge, add unsweetened almond milk and coffee syrup (or just chocolate almond milk), and I'm a happy camper. Iced lattes will do if I'm away from home.

So, welcome to all who are curious about what I might say, and welcome to those who are waiting for a trainwreck (I hope I disappoint you).


  1. Iced coffee in the morning??? In the middle of a hot summer day, sure, but it never occurred to me to drink it when I'm cold. I might have to give that a try. So, here I am, starting at the beginning. And I know I love comments, so I plan to leave some for you. And gosh darn it, I'm going to post on my blog tonight if it is the last thing I do!

    1. Iced coffee any time of day or night. :) I only drink hot coffee when I'm eating a sweet dessert (like cheesecake) to balance everything out.

      I do appreciate the comments. It's early days for my blog, so I'm not expecting much yet, but it still helps. :)